Best Position for Sleep, Better Learning by Arguing, and Universal Language of Honey Bees

Learn about new research that can help us understand and save the bees; the best sleeping position, according to science; and how you can learn learn something better by arguing with yourself.

In this podcast, Cody Gough and Ashley Hamer discuss the following stories from to help you get smarter and learn something new in just a few minutes:

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2 Replies to “Best Position for Sleep, Better Learning by Arguing, and Universal Language of Honey Bees”

  1. Vineet K Jain

    I am an avid listener of your podcast and I just heard your podcast from 9 May 2019 where you have talked about sleeping positions.
    Apart from what you have mentioned I also wanted to know
    – if it is advisable to sleep in the north south position ( head pointing to the north and legs pointing the south or vice versa )
    – If yes, why ?
    – if no, why ?
    – what sleep position do medical experts suggest in terms of north south east west direction
    If this question has already been answered then please point me to that episode and I will pick it up from your feed.

    • codygough

      Thank you for your comment on our website and for listening to Curiosity Daily. We are happy you’re enjoying our show!

      Current evidence says that the effects of Earth’s magnetic field on the human body are minor at best, so there isn’t really any reason why sleeping in a particular direction would make a difference.

      The idea that your sleeping direction can affect you comes from two sources: Vastu Shastra (from India) and Feng Shui (from China). You can find various articles online about what direction they recommend, but you should be aware that neither of those schools of thought are recognized as being rooted in science, so there is no consensus on this question from medical experts. In the end, whichever way you feel the most comfortable is probably the best way to sleep. Thanks for asking!

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