Quantum Computing 101: Qubits and Entanglement (w/ Professor Chris Bernhardt)

Learn about qubits and quantum entanglement with some help from Chris Bernhardt, author of the new book “Quantum Computing for Everyone.” Plus, learn about 6 magic words for defusing conflict.

In this podcast, Cody Gough and Ashley Hamer discuss the following story from Curiosity.com about six words that are the key to defusing conflict: https://curiosity.im/2I491Wi

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2 Replies to “Quantum Computing 101: Qubits and Entanglement (w/ Professor Chris Bernhardt)”

  1. Ann

    So, I listened to this episode this morning while getting ready for work. And the episode talked about how to resolve conflict by saying “the story I am making up is…” and I thought to myself ‘that’s just silly’ (I didn’t quite understand it at the time out of context). But that morning at work, myself (manager) and the owner were having a disciplinary meeting with an employee. After being contradicted at every sentence I seemed to say because the employee was sure I was wrong….I said the magic words….and it actually SHUT DOWN the arguement from her side because she realized how easy it was to attempt to convey one ‘action’ while clearly demonstrating another and how those things are certainly misunderstood! (without getting into drawn out details!)
    Long story short – Thanks so much the great advise!
    AND my boss complemented my “situation diffusing” skills!
    **Level Up!**

    • codygough

      That is amazing! Thanks for letting us know, Ann. We’re thrilled to hear you found the episode useful. Keep rocking it at work and stay curious! 🙂

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