What Science Says About Fat-Burning Foods, Do Great Things by Being a Part of Something Greater, and Telling Male and Female Dinosaurs Apart

Learn about whether “fat-burning foods” are a real thing; why we probably can’t tell male and female dinosaurs apart; and how you can do great things by seeing yourself as part of something greater.

Are “fat-burning foods” a real thing? Scientists performed a critical review to find out by Andrea Michelson

  • Bo, S., Fadda, M., Fedele, D., Pellegrini, M., Ghigo, E., & Pellegrini, N. (2020). A Critical Review on the Role of Food and Nutrition in the Energy Balance. Nutrients, 12(4), 1161. https://doi.org/10.3390/nu12041161 

We probably can’t tell male and female dinos apart by Grant Currin

To Do Great Things, See Yourself as Part of Something Greater by Reuben Westmaas

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